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Nina (right) //

A born autodidact who prefers to do everything in her own way. She has a passion for photography and film, loves traveling around the world and has a curious mind. Besides that she loves being mother of Ravi & Billie.

She is intrigued and inspired by people. But most of all, Nina is a cheerful optimist who lives in the moment and enjoys the small things in life.


Nikki (left) //

An impulsive person who you can please with adventure. Recently she left Amsterdam to enjoy nature, space and her animals.


Nikki has been privileged to have seen a lot of the world and her love for people is clearly reflected in her work.​

​She is determined, has an eye for detail and is gifted in seeing and creating unexpected beauty in picture. That makes her work exciting and mysterious, just like she is.

How we work

We both started photographing in the nightlife of Amsterdam. When we met we thought there was a lot of competition between photographers and we thought we should work more together. That’s where the idea started of photographing together. We had our first wedding in 2015 and this was a succes!


We have noticed by photographing together that we strengthen each other's image. There is more room to our own creativity to make special shots and other angles. We can split up in the morning or during the day so we won’t miss a moment. One person can focus more on the bride and groom and the other on the guests, details. We work with different lenses to get good portrait’s and overview’s at the same time. We are perfectly attuned to each other.


In 2017 Nina started to explore videography. Since a few years this is a very famous option to book us as a photographer and videographer. However is photographing together our favorite choice! :)


Synergy; the whole is greater than the sum of it parts.

We capture the day intuitive, informal and documentary. Where our focus lays with real, pure and intimate moments. We mostly operate in the background and mingle with the guests to capture people as purely and spontaneously as possible. 


Our favorite part is the photoshoot with the bride and groom during the wedding day. Since a wedding day can be quite intens and overwhelming we’ve noticed this is also a moment for you to really be together. Without the guests/family around. We would love to make it a special moment, and take our time to make our shots without rushing.

We also make photobooks. Since the summer is our most busiest time we’ll make the books in the fall/winter.


Still interested? We would love to meet you to see if there is a connection.

Prices start from €4.200,- (for two photographers for 8 hours).


Eva & Martijn 2023
Eva & Martijn 2023
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Janine & Maik
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Helene & Guillame
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Nina Albada Jelgersma & Nikki Schuurman

Amsterdam & Maarssen

+316 52562555 / +316 23441343

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